Hello, World (Return Of The Blog)

Recorded on January 1st, 2015

*taps mic and clears throat*

Hello, World. Remember me? It’s okay if you don’t. It’s been a minute.

In 2013, my long-neglected WordPress blog got hacked. Instead of repairing and fortifying it, I let it go. I hadn’t been updating it anyway and the thought of dealing with plugins and databases wasn’t inspiring. As someone who creates websites and applications for a living, I relish solving these types of probems for clients. But here, I want to spend more energy on expressing my thoughts and less on managing content delivery solutions.

Even so, I’ve been thinking about my return to blogging for awhile. Especially, I regret not chronicling this past year as it was eventful.

So today, I hand-coded this post using a text editor and FTP; just like I did when I first started blogging over 15 years ago (yeah, I’ve been here since the beginning). This won’t be the final incarnation of this blog; I crave version control and maybe — just maybe — allowing comments. But there is a notable, tactile element to this process that I find rewarding. In some ways, I’ve come full circle.

If you know anything about me, that’s pretty much how I view life. If you don’tknow me: Hello, I’m J. Smith; better known on the interwebs as jbrotherlove. I took a long break from blogging. Now I’m back.

Alright. Let us find out where this goes.